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terms & conditions


1. The concrete is supplied in accordance to the relevant Australian Standards unless otherwise stated.

2. The Company shall not be liable for delay in delivery resulting from any cause beyond its control

3. The price quoted is per cubic metre (m3) delivered, in the event of a small quantity being delivered, an additional cartage rate may apply, which will comply with the prices commissioners ruling on cartage of pre-mixed concrete.

4. The concrete supplied is according to specification detailed on docket. The Company accepts no responsibility in respect of any defect which may develop in any concrete supplied if water is added to the concrete whether before or after discharge from Delivery Unit without the sanction of the Company's Engineer or representative, or if an admixture has been used in the concrete at the customer's request or specification.

5. It should be understood that the concrete supplied is sold at the point of delivery from the Company's vehicle. The Company accepts no responsibility in respect to any defect which may develop in any concrete supplied which is due to the faulty handling, placing or curing of concrete by the customer or to faulty or defective job practices. The Company will not recognise test results from concrete supplied by them unless the concrete is sampled and tested at the point of delivery in accordance with Australian Standard 1012. Parts 1-9.

6. Delivery must be accepted and effected by the customer as soon as possible from the time of arrival by the delivery vehicle at the site, otherwise the Company shall be compensated in accordance with the Company's waiting time rate for the time being in force.

7. The Company undertakes to deliver concrete to the kerb alignment adjacent to the Customer's job and the delivery vehicle will only enter the job area to facilitate unloading at the customer's risk and responsibility and at the absolute discretion of the truck driver.

8. The strength characteristics of the concrete are detailed on the face of the delivery docket and upon signing the docket the purchaser becomes bound by the information shown thereon. Purchasers should ensure that the strength shown accords with the specification. Concrete contains materials of the Company's choice unless otherwise stated.

9. The price quoted or agreed for concrete delivered under this docket may be altered at the Company's discretion as a result of and to correspond with any alteration prior to delivery in cost of materials, wages or transport.

10. When an account has been established with the Company payment shall be made within the month following delivery

11. Our product is manufactured out of raw materials from natural resources. Therefore Premix Concrete will not be held responsible for colour variations.