Service quality: Premix Concrete is certified to ISO9001 by accredited certification body TQCSI) that guarantees products of the highest quality. From the initial customer request, the production of concrete is controlled and planned.

We use proven and established documented procedures to control our sales, production, delivery and administrative processes. In addition to our in-house monitoring system, Premix Concrete is independently audited every six months by an accredited certification body, which provides us with a report of their findings.

Product quality : Product quality is dependent on skilled and experienced staff, controlled production processes and high-quality raw materials. Premix Concrete employs only experienced drivers, while our management team have specific expertise in their work areas.

Our chosen materials suppliers have a record of supplying good, consistent materials that conform to our standards. Supplier quality is continuously analysed to ensure that we receive the materials they require.

We continuously monitor product (and production process) quality, undertaking field testing of the concrete supplied to customers, samples of which are taken, stored and tested by LAB-SA, an independent NATA accredited laboratory. A subsequent statistical analysis of the results is undertaken to ensure we continue to meet our customer's needs.