About Us

Who We Are

With a mission to provide outstanding service to all our clients and customers, Premix Concrete stands tall today in the domain of concrete and construction supplies. Over the past 27 years, we have built a legacy that has earned us a reputation of being an honest, reliable and respected supplier of premixed concrete. This impression is further substantiated by experts in the industry, who attest to the dependability of Premix Concrete’s genuine approach and commitment to supplying quality products. Premix Concrete proudly marches forward with the vision of being the choice provider for our customers and a model of excellence in the industry.


Founded in 1989, Premix Concrete is a family-owned business based in South Australia. Humble beginnings marked the initial years of the business, which started with one truck in their Salisbury yard. Today, Premix Concrete has evolved into a major business, with a fleet of 30 concrete trucks, one cement tanker and three tipper trucks and a laboratory, and has over 50 employees. The business has also expanded to include three plants in Salisbury, Gawler and Lonsdale.


Premix Concrete S.A. wants to be the provider of choice for our customers and a model of excellence for our industry.


Provide outstanding service to all our clients/customers.

Our Values

The values that dictate our company are at the heart of how we function and guide how we act and expect to be treated, providing a sound basis for business decisions. They define who we are, how we work, what we believe in, and what we stand for. Respect, honesty and integrity, loyalty, commitment, passion, and open communication are highly regarded by everyone at Premix Concrete. 

Backed by experience and constantly striving for excellence, the team at Premix Concrete is continually planning for the future and consistently upgrading the construction fleet and the plants. Not only has Premix Concrete adopted industry applicable environmental practices but we have also diversified into other markets and formed other divisions to accommodate these interests.